I build data tools and bring stories to life to empower my generation - creating a community of change to tackle some of the biggest issues of our time. I love the process of learning and I am constantly honing my skills in data science/visualization, story-telling, cinematography, and app development.

I've been developing my passion for narrative through film and data by uncovering stories about people, organizations, and environments all over the world. Whether I am working with an Indonesian NGO on Sumba Island conducting in person surveys or building bridges in remote villages tucked away in the Rwandan hills, I love having my camera and the power of data by my side. With my work I aim to uncover and distill truths about our world that may otherwise be overlooked.

I graduated from Duke University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, focusing on conservation and sustainable development. My passions have led me to Santa Monica, CA where I have spent the last year collaborating with amazing scientists, artists, and athletes on a multitude of different projects and adventures.

I currently work full-time on Red Bull’s data science team where I extract meaning from data to generate insights and make better business decisions. I love exploring large data sets - finding patterns, creating visualizations, and building models. My favorite part is communicating the outputs of my work with team members and leadership through data storytelling.

I am always looking for that next story, adventure, or project, so please reach out if you are interested in collaborating

His focus is in the character, geometry, depth, contrast, color, shapes and movement of the space from the concept to the mise en scene. Edgar also has extensive experience in theater, plays, dance and opera.

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