Joseph Eardly is a film and video director and executive producer who has been creating motion picture for over 15 years, primarily working in the unscripted television category, but more recently moving into digital media, long form documentary and narrative shorts.  

Originally from Indiana, he studied fine art photography at Indiana University before setting his sights on London where he finished his studies, albeit with a more commercial angle, at the American College in London.  Through photography, Joseph learned both how to capture a beautiful image and how to combine images to tell a story and that’s where his love for film and video began.  

After eight years in London and five successful years working in British television for major broadcast networks including BBC1, BBC2 and Channel 4, Joseph moved back to the US and settled in New York City with his husband and dog.  In the US, he has gained the title of Executive Producer, having worked with clients such as Discovery, Bravo, E!, Food Network, Travel Channel and Sundance Channel.  He has also branched into digital media, having produced and directed successful online videos for W Hotels, Unicef, Lowe Worldwide, Ogilvy & Mather and various fashion brands.  Not only is he a distinguished director, but he is also a sup-to-nuts producer who takes a product from conception through post production. 

Joseph loves a story and loves it even more when it’s told through beautiful imagery and outstanding characters.  Story is at the route of everything Joseph creates and through years of experience he is able to craft a story using any form – be it long or short, television or film, real life or commercial.  In addition to continuing work in television and digital media, Joseph is currently scripting his first feature length screenplay. 

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