An ex-gymnast, green tea addict with an obsession for Superman.

Sherif is a Creative Director who wears a lot of hats, literally.

After graduating with honors from the school of Fine Arts, Sherif’s career took off with over 10 years in advertising where he honed his talents in the commercial world with major brands such as Apple, Samsung, Unilever and Panasonic.

Later Sherif combined his experiences to craft his visual talents and become an internationally acclaimed Photographer and award-winning filmmaker.

On set, it’s fun to watch how his perfectionist side keeps him running around with no breaks. At SWOON NEW YORK, Sherif is what we call a Hybrid filmmaker, if you like experimenting with new ideas, mixing techniques or even working with special effects, Sherif is your guy. Yet he never steers away from authentic character performance and constantly finds truth in his subjects.

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